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  • Anker Astro 3 E 10K mAh Battery Pack Review

    Purchased the Anker Astro 3 E 10K mAh battery pack on February 9th here is my short review after a month of use.

    The Pros: 

    The Pros of the 3E are 3.1 Amp outputs which due charge things much faster than the 2.1 Amp and 0.6 Amp of the Astro 2. In addition this model is thinner, however it is slightly longer to compensate. 1600 more mAh may not seem like a lot, but makes quite a difference in a pinch when you’re traveling or at an event and you just need that little extra charge. The form factor seems a lot nicer to me due to the thinness, it feels good in hand and fits easily in jacket and men’s jean pockets.

    The Cons:

    The charger it comes with is cheep and I recommend you only use it if you don’t have a better USB charger. The Coiled USB cord it comes with is very short and doesn’t stretch well, as well as the Charging tips for the cable detach easily from the cable, buy normal 3ft/1.5M USB cables.

    Overall Experience: 

    The Anker Astro 3 E is a great battery pack with 2 USB ports that deliver 3.1 Amps of current to your highest demand devices, charges via micro USB, has a great power indicator to let you know roughly how much juice is left. This has replaced my old Astro 2 as my goto for a few reasons, the first of which is the form factor as it has less bulk. The second is the much higher output than other battery packs and even most chargers at 3.1 Amps this things charges tablets fast, and phones faster. It may not be clear to all but the device is 3.1 Amps max output so when you have 2 devices connected it gets split in half, this isn’t a problem unless you need to charge a tablet quickly as 1.5 amps is still plenty for most devices. For me this battery pack has saved me countless times from having a dead phone, dead tablet, or both. I use it almost daily to recharge my galaxy nexus at least once, if not multiple times during the day, even with all its usage I rarely drop it below 25% charge in 2 days. I use the Astro 3E a lot while playing Ingress, as I use my phone to tether my tablet via Bluetooth for a data connection as well as streaming music to my car radio which both use a lot of power. Luckily the Astro 3 E can keep up with and power my phone through it all, even recharging the battery faster than it drains under the heavy load. The Astro 3E is also great for camping, and hiking as it can keep your phone charger for a week with low use, and takes up little space in your pack.

    All in all this battery pack is a must have item for anyone with a smartphone or tablet, including iDevices, and anything else that you can charge via a USB port.

    Astro 3 E 10k mAH: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009USAJCC/
    $ 39.99 Currently

    Astro 2 8.4k mAH: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0067UPRQ4
    Currently unavailable.

    Here are some comparison pictures to my Anker Astro 2 8400 mAh unit.